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gotletters's Journal

Got Letters? A Hogwarts RP.
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Got Letters? is a Hogwarts based roleplay for original characters. We welcome beginners, and will help you to cultivate your writing talent. Please don't feel shy or pressured, as our moderator, popcolor, really is quite the goofball.

The Rules

1. No Godmodding
2. Have fun. Please keep the drama in-character.
3. One character per person. This rule is subject to change.
4. Explicit themes may be used in this roleplay, please be prepared.
5. Short replies are not welcome. Try to keep the replies to atleast a paragraph and a half. Rare exceptions will be accepted.
6. Internet speak is strictly not allowed.
7. Feel free to contact our mod, Randa, on AIM: tarnshdsuprstar if you have any questions.
8. Include "Can You Dance Like A Hippogriff?" in the part of your application titled "Anything Else?" to prove you read the rules <3

Important Stuff:
Find our app here
See the members of the houses by clicking the house names above.
Post your app at our OOC community, gotlettersooc.

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